Lake Lewisville, Lewisville, TX

As I prepared for the first tournament of the Bassmaster Central Opens season on Lake Lewisville, I was expecting the worst. In the 15 years that I’ve lived in Texas, I’d never even considered fishing the lake prior to this tournament. Everything I had heard about the lake was bad. The locals Lewisville Lake Largemouth Basseven have their own special names for the place, like “LoservilIe” and “Sewerville.” The less clever simply refer to it as “the big old mud hole.” Needless to say, it’s not where I would have chosen to start my Bassmaster Open career.

To make things even more interesting, it started raining about two weeks before the tournament. And it kept raining. Then it rained some more. This was good news for an area that seems to be in a perpetual state of drought, but I knew it was going to muck things up even worse than usual at Lewisville.

Within a few days, the lake level rose by about four feet (it was seven feet below normal pool when the rain started). Then came another bout of rain and the lake came up even further, to just one foot below normal pool. This really is a good thing. All of Texas needs the rain and it’s great to see any lake get back to its normal level. But just a week before the opening tournament? The timing was horrible. The already dirty lake was made even dirtier. The entire body of water looked like chocolate milk, from the mouths all the way down to the dam.

After the rain came the wind and the cold fronts. By tournament time, temps were peaking between 40 and 50 degrees and dipping all the way down to the 20s. These conditions are not conducive to good bass fishing or positive attitudes. I was certain the Florida strain bass in Lake Lewisville were reacting to current conditions even worse than I was. Continue reading 2012 Bassmaster Central Open #1